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Founder and Director

Ellie Ioannidou


Ellie has been in the forefront of remedial and advanced Pilates tuition in S. Kensington, London for over 20 years. Aiding the rehabilitation of injuries and myoskeletal chronic conditions, she has benefit  cancer patients during and post treatment. 

She also specialises in teachers training programmes.

Qualified in 1999 after 2 years training with Body Control Pilates in London and the Illium Centre in Athens, she immediately joined Gordon Thomson in the Pilates and Rehabilitation Centre in S. Kensington, London as a teaching assistant. There, she further developed the art of teaching Pilates, amongst the most eminent Pilates teachers in London and created a loyal and wonderful clientele. From the start she sought to share the knowledge she received generously from her teachers and was involved in teaching BCP instructors' courses. She became the P. & R, Centre manager and co founded Pilates Body Europe in 2006. She designed and taught many Pilates educational programmes on equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, remedial apparatus). Ellie has certified many teachers and enriched the technique of even more, both nationally and internationally. 

Ellie's personal journey, as a professional athlete in Rhythmics Gymnastics with varied dance training  and a series of her own serious injuries she dealt with, has helped her to form and develop a unique, refined and efficient way of teaching both remedial and advanced Pilates.

Ellie founded Pilates Education and Research in 2014. She moved in the premises in Gloucester Road, London, in 2016 and since then, she has been dedicated in creating the most outstanding practice in London.

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