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Hayden Woodcock

Pilates Studio main Assistant

Pilates Privates

Pilates for Dancers

Hayden graduated with a BA Honours in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at Bird College in 2020. Since the age of three, acting and dance have both played a major part in his life. He has learnt a range of dance styles, including: Ballet, Classical Greek, Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, National and Tap. Throughout his many years of performing, he has developed his body awareness, confidence, and discipline, which are all beneficial skills to utilise in his Pilates training. Hayden is excited to further progress his education and understanding of Pilates, and he looks forward to the future. Hayden has recently completed his Pilates training with PEAR and is certified with Distinction and Exceptional Skill's Development.

Hayden specialises in advanced pilates, alignment, postural corrections, pilates for men, and pilates for dancers. He has an interest in Pilates for dancers, teaching classes twice a month in the studio, on Sundays. 

Instagram: @hw98.pilates

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