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Skiing Workshop with Annie Tusch

14th January 2023



Essential Somatics®


"A workshop to introduce a new foundational method that will prepare your
body for class by releasing underlying stiffness.

Daily life brings repetitive movements and stresses. The brain responds to
this by tightening our muscles. With habit, and over time, we become stiff and
held in those response patterns.
Gradually, we no longer notice because patterns become habits and feel
normal for us. We begin to have less range of movement in areas of our body
because the muscles involved never fully relax. We settle for always having ‘a
shoulder/back/knee’ that doesn’t perform as we would like it to - we think
that’s just ‘how it is’.
Somatics teaches us a simple way to bring our muscles back to their full
resting length. Through movements of contraction-slow release-rest, we can
re-set our structure, release tension and stiffness, and find a new neutral
We develop a foundation that enables us to move more, and with greater
ease. We begin to achieve sequences that we thought were out of our reach,
and to do so with increased confidence and control".


Somatics workshop with Judy Herbert

21st January 2023


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