•  I spend long periods of time away from London, as a result of which my body falls apart, and then thank goodness I have you lot to put it together again!


    Maria MacGregor

  • I have had Ellie as my Pilates teacher for over 20 years. There is no-one else I will go to. She has created a wonderful studio which is a pleasure to walk into. The environment is safe, supportive, clean, and productive. Working with Ellie has kept my body in good shape, always knowing what I need through injuries and the general aging process. She is very unusual in that her instincts are exceptional and she continues to develop her skills. There is always something new and helpful she has to give.

    Elaine Kaneb

  • Following surgery and persistent shoulder, hip, and back pains, I unsuccessfully looked for a studio which offered rehabilitation Pilates until an osteopath recommended Ellie and P.E.A.R. I never looked back! Ellie and her team’s approach is truly rehabilitation and their expertise, thorough approach and kindness helped me a lot. I highly recommend Ellie, her team, and P.E.A.R. studio.


    Francoise Peretti

  • I have known Ellie for nearly twenty years and have been having regular lessons with her. Both her group and private lessons are of a very high quality. She pays a great deal of attention to details and understands each student’s needs. She tailors the lessons to each student. Because of her excellent knowledge of applied anatomy, she can put any injured body right.


    I have known friends with chronic or acute injuries who have gone to Ellie after many years of various other therapies. Much to their amazements, she patiently improves their injuries. She is excellent in creating a calm, focused, yet energetic atmosphere in the studio. I cannot recommend her stronger to anyone who wishes to combine a healthy, toned, and flexible body with a confident mind.


    Professor Marjan Jahangiri

  • Having followed Ellie Ioannidou’s teaching over the past 21 years, I must admit that I totally rely on
    Ellie for my physical re-education and alignment, and the sessions are totally indispensable.
    During this year, I was happy to realise that there isn’t such a thing as a missed session now thanks to
    her one-to-one online teaching, so when I travel I can also have this vital training and input.


    Julia Muggenburg