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You asked, we answered.

We are pleased to share P.E.A.R.'s new annual membership!

Membership is a requirement for levels 2 and 3 and the annual privates' package.

Membership for the over 70s, all other privates and level 1 is optional.

Membership benefits include...


Members are entitled to reduced prices on all packages of private lessons and studio sessions.

Members will also enjoy discounts up to 50% on any future price increases.

Members can use their packages for 12 months. (Normally 6 months)

Members' events

COVID-19 restrictions permitting, these include: exclusive Pilates workshops, coffee mornings and lunches, special and presentations, walks, exhibitions outings, drinks, Christmas events, and parties. 

  We are scheduling one event every month and keeping numbers small, in line with government guidelines for social distancing. We welcome your requests and feedback! 


Terms and conditions

This membership is available to existing customers only. No refunds after payment. This is an additional purchase and does not replace the purchase of lessons or include any services. Member's events occur a separate charge. Pilates Education and Research Ltd. retains the right to alter membership benefits.

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