Remedial Pilates

The Pilates method aids the treatment of a variety of physical conditions and injuries.
A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence can make a world of difference in managing physical conditions and improving functionality in everyday movement.
We have been working with many physios , osteopaths and specialists and are happy to accept referrals for advice and remedial treatment. 
We offer a bespoke service and design remedial programmes with great individual care.
We are regularly helping individuals with conditions such as:


Herniated disks

Natural degeneration caused by ageing

Pre/post surgery

Chronic pain

Degenerative conditions that inhibit everyday function: Osteoporosis/arthritis,

Myoskeletal conditions caused by severe injury or illness.

Circulation problems

Severe Scoliosis

Undergoing medical treatment.

Breast cancer

A man is as young as his spinal column.
Joseph Pilates

In accordance with the government's law, we are closed but run an emergency service for health services for specific Rehabilitation, as instructed from your GP, Surgeon or specialist.

We understand that the most of you come to see us for specific rehabilitation and rely on your visits and the use of equipment for health reasons and pain relief. 

Local GPs and specialists have been very supportive of our work. They encourage our practice, in order to avoid degenerative conditions and injuries getting worse and result in needing serious intervention caused by the lack of regular restorative exercise.