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COVID-19 information

In accordance with the government's guidelines, we have reopened our studio.

We are following Public Health England's guidelines and P.E.A.R. is subscribed to Public Health Matters NHS for further guidelines on social distancing and material support to return to safe operation.

Risk assessment at the bottom of this page

COVID-19 form


You will need to fill a COVID-19 form prior to visiting us.




New studio measures and policies

Arrive wearing your mask. Once you are in main studio space and according with government guidelines you can remove your mask.

On arrival and departure, please wash your hands.

Your temperature will be taken on entry with a contactless thermometer.

Arrive dressed, when possible, to limit the use of the changing room.

You may bring your own face towel to use on top of cushions and/or yoga mat. We are also providing disposable towels for covering cushions.

You are also welcome to use gloves and masks while in the studio, but not the same gloves you use outside. We ask that you bring your own gloves, but we will also provide them at the studio, in case you forget.

We ask that you be considerate of other people and follow social distancing.

Equipment is being cleaned thoroughly after each use. 


Door handles and facilities are regularly disinfected a few times per day. 


Sanitizing wipes are provided in the toilets.

Windows are opened at least once every hour (as recommended from the health executive) to ensure good air ventilation.

To protect vulnerable customers, we are booking them in the quietest times.

Teachers stay 2 meters away when possible, and will ask for your permission if they need to apply hands-on techniques. 

Studio sessions: 3 people at a time with 1 teacher. Intervals of 15 minutes between sessions, to allow sufficient time for cleaning the equipment.


Privates: take place in the main studio when it is free, or otherwise in the side room, into which equipment has been moved. Privates can also change in the side room to ensure no more than 2 people are in the changing room at a time.

We have had to significantly reduce the number of people visiting us. To ensure smooth operation, our cancellation policy has increased to 48 hours (previously 24 hours).  If less than 48 hours cancellation notice is given, you will be charged in full. To avoid being charged, you can book at the last minute, but we cannot guarantee a place. 

Priority will be given to people who wish to have a regular lesson every week.


Risk assessment


We have conducted an assessment of all COVID-19-related risks. An additional risk assessment when further restrictions are in place will apply.


To view the full version of our risk assessment, click the on the PDF file below.

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