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Antje Pauly-Singh

Pilates Privates

Pilates Studio Sessions

During her 14 years of teaching Antje has developed a ‘good eye’ for what is going on in a person’s body. The connection of body and mind is a very important factor on how she helps clients to achieve their goals. Antje has successfully worked with numerous clients on the rehabilitation of their backs, shoulders and hips.

She also offers Nordic Walking tuition for people who are looking for a cardiovascular workout. 

Antje moved to the UK 23 years ago from Germany. Her first career was in banking where she was sitting at a desk all day. She was a regular at the Physio until she was introduced to Pilates in 2002. It had such a positive impact on her posture and overall wellbeing that she decided to become a teacher. Her comprehensive training for mat work and studio equipment was with Body Control Pilates, one of the leading teaching bodies in the UK. She worked for many years at Gordon Thomson’s studio in South Kensington. She continues her education and development by attending regular workshops and seminars.

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