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Paul Fisher

Centre Manager

Pilates Privates

Pilates Studio Sessions

I first discovered Pilates 30 years ago, attending Gordon Thomson's Queensbury Mews studio. At that time I was working in films and television, despite the stress of long hours and overseas travel, I found a Pilates session once a week helped keep mind and body together.

Thanks to an Alexander teacher friend I had been aware of the benefits of body work since my early twenties, but once I discovered how regular Pilates classes can help you function better in all aspects of your life I became a devotee, qualifying as a matwork Pilates Instructor with Totum Fitness in 2011. Since then I have been lucky enough to attended Cadillac and Reformer courses with Gordon Thomson and Ellie Ioannidou, as well as many masterclasses with London's finest Pilates teachers.

The rehabilitation benefits of Pilates were never more realised than in 2014 when I was knocked down by a car, resulting in double leg fractures and a smashed shoulder socket. My complete rehabilitation is a result of intense Pilates sessions with both Gordon and Ellie.

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