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Small Barrels: Spine Corrector-Arc

Small Barrels: Spine Corrector-Arc

Rumour has it that J. Pilates got his inspiration to design these from beer barrels. These three pieces of equipment are valuable tools in the art of Pilates.

Taught by Ellie Ioannidou and the P.E.A.R. Teacher Training Team

Course Overview

Barrels Teacher Training is divided into 3 x3hour seminars: Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Small Barrel (Arc). Ladder.

Spine Corrector/Small Barrel (Arc)

This workshop on the arc and spine corrector aids depth in our understanding of the use of the spine in the Pilates technique. It's one of the foundation courses and a very important part of training to become an accomplished teacher.

Course designed and written by Ellie Ioannidou

cost £150 including manual

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