Studio Master

This original way of teaching and setting was created  by Joseph Pilates in his first studio in N. York. Professional dancers, athletes, and acrobats, worked alongside with people who are injured or inexperienced in movement. The result is a stimulating environment that maintains individual teaching values. We carry on with this unique and highly efficient way of teaching.

Course overview

Studio Master teacher training is divided into 4 seminars taught over 2 weekends: Saturdays  2.5 hours and Sundays 6 hours. 

Studio Master

The ultimate teaching qualification:

Requires sharp observation skills, readiness in instructing, sensitivity, creativity, clarity.

A great opportunity to put everything you learned in a context and leave your own stamp.

Teaching Qualification

Individuals who wish to become officially qualified as Reformer teachers can do so through P.E.A.R.

Please direct your enquiries about qualification to

Requirements to enter the Studio Master Teacher training programme 

  • Level 3 Pilates Instructor (this training is currently unavailable at P.E.A.R.).​ 

  • P.E.A.R Mat foundation Course

  • Balls, Bands and Wobble Boards Course,

  • Arc and Spine Corrector Course,

  • Ladder Barrel workshop,

  • Reformer Course,

  • Cadillac Course,

  • Wunda Chair Course.

Requirements to complete Teaching Certification

  • Complete 24 hours of seminars,

  • 100 hours of apprenticeship at P.E.A.R. studios in London (apprenticeship includes: supervised practice, supervised teaching, and observation),

  • 2X 10 hours case study,

  • Group Exam, 120 minutes. 


£1300 all inclusive