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our Pilates lessons


Studio sessions

This original way of teaching and setting was created  by Joseph Pilates in his first studio in New York. Professional dancers, athletes, and acrobats, worked alongside with people who are injured or inexperienced in movement. The result is a stimulating environment that maintains individual teaching values. We carry on with this unique and highly efficient way of teaching.

Lessons are interactive and individually taught using all equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, Barrels and all Pilates apparatus. We design a programme for each individual to suit needs.

Supervision, corrections and updates to your program are always at hand. 

Date and time is booked at your own convenience within our operating times. 

  • Level 1: this is more a semi private rather than a group. For our new students that need attention and corrections at a high frequency. We teach you your program in great detail and supervise you constantly.

  • Level 2: for a medium level of experience. You know your program and you receive updates and corrections as necessary

  • Level 3: for very experienced students and/or Pilates teachers. You are self motivated and work to a good standard. We supervise you when necessary. 

Studio sessions are mixed level and we take great care to ensure quality and suggest suitable times that you will get the most benefits from our teachers.  

Early morning small group classes on Reformer


Energy and Grace with Helen Wadsworth

Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6.45 am

Cost of a 5-week course is £200

Private/Initial consultation


One-on-one sessions for those who need to be instructed throughout the class. This can be due to injuries or very specific targets and requirements.

All classes and privates are subject to availability. 48-hour cancelation notice is required to avoid being charged the full price.

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