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our Pilates lessons

Initial consultation at the studio

One-on-one session at the studio for assessment. 

It is required to have an initial consultation prior to joining our lessons/classes, even if you have done Pilates before. 

In this session, we will assess your posture and movement, discuss your needs and goals (so as to place you in the best type of lesson), and determine the frequency of lessons required.


Now accepting bookings

Schedule and Teachers

Monday to Saturday by appointment with P.E.A.R. studio team

Duration and Pricing

£120 for 1x 60-minute lesson and assessment

Bookings and Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, 48 hours of notice is required to avoid being charged the full price.

Bookings are subject to availability and are paid in advance.

All prices include VAT (number 310 1297 54).

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