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PEAR Funded Pilates Teacher Training for dancers and performers.

PEAR Funded Pilates Teacher Training for dancers and performers.

Taught by Ellie Ioannidou, Richard Budd and P.E.A.R. Teacher Training Team

A selective course for young dancers and perfomers in pursue of a full or part time career. 

This course has 5 spaces fully funded by PEAR and 3 spaces partially funded, and is organised and designed by Ellie Ioannidou.

Our teaching style is both advanced and remedial which is why we require lengthy training to ensure safety.

Requirements to Enter Mat - Barrels -Reformer - Cadillac Teaching Qualification Program

  • Interview

  • Dance or Performing Arts Degree

  • Age 18-25 years old


Stage 1

3 months-1 day/week trial internship.

You will start the programme with mornings only paid £15/half day session and later add afternoons £20/full day. Payments are made towards travel costs and lunch.

During these first 3 months you will be asked to mainly observe. You will help with welcoming

clients, introducing yourself as teaching assistant trainee and cleaning equipment. You will

have the opportunity to practice in either quiet times or during your mid shift break.

We will have monthly meetings with you to review.

At any point during these first 3 months both parties can terminate the agreement.

Stage 2

Continue as above with assisting hours.

Manuals will be given to further your practice. You can book more studio practice

time at no cost for both parties.

Course dates will be announcent.

Your agreement is secure and will not be terminated beyond this stage from us.

If you get offered a permanent role you will be able to further your training and get

certified in Cadillac, Chairs, etc, at no extra cost.

If you have occasional commitments and emergencies you can swap days with the rest of

apprentices team.

if you get shows and auditions during the module dates it will not compromise your

position and qualifications.

Stage 3

Continue as above with assisting hours.

You will attend modules on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, apparatus and remedial Pilates. 

Modules will be taught over weekends. Saturdays 2.30pm-5.30pm and Sundays 10am-4pm. They are crucial to your teaching qualification andattendance must be at 100%

Exams after completion and we will issue your certificates.


  • You will have the opportunity to train, qualify and work amongst the most experienced team in a sought out location in London.

  • You will get support to further your career in the studio and elsewhere.

  • You can use our logos and credentials to advertise.

  • References for work experience.

  • You may be offered a permanent role with PEAR studios.

  • You may be offered to cover lessons.

  • You will be able to teach privates.

From stage 3 onwards and depending on your progress you might be offered extra paid work hours.

cost £600- 75% discount applied

payment plans available

2023 course 2 of 8 spaces left. Applications are open for the 2024 course.

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