year two
P.E.A.R. postgraduate course

Diplomas: Cadillac, Wunda chair, Guillotine, Arm chair, Pilates for dancers and athletes and Studio master.


J. Pilates designed the many features of the Cadillac in hospital beds. This is the most used Pilates equipment for rehabilitation. No matter what the physical ability or condition of the client is, the Cadillac is designed to give the body the support, isolation, and safety required. Clients/patients can work around an injured part of the body. Rehabilitating an injury while exercising the rest of the body.

We explore the foundation principles of teaching on the Cadillac, including correct use of the machine and safety for teachers and clients.

Moving on to more complex concepts and exercises, we explore further the art of teaching on the Cadillac. Looking at the whole body, we isolate muscle groups and refine our form and technique.

J. Pilates designed the Wunda Chair for a friend's house, having in mind the limitations of space. It is a rather wonderful piece which justifies its name. The repertoire is extended and its efficiency unparalleled. It provides sound body work with staccato movements. Strength and balance are the highlights. It requires advanced technique.

Dynamic start as the Wunda Chair is probably the most challenging piece of equipment J. Pilates designed. With little support from the equipment, beginners exercises strengthen the core almost instantly. We will explore spinal articulation with precision and deep range of movement.

Arm Chair has a small exercise repertoire which focuses on the shoulder girdle: Correct use, rehabilitation, scapular and spinal stability.

The Guillotine offers a unique and highly efficient approach in pelvic stability and leg alignment. It is also enormous fun as it offers acrobatic repertoire and ballet bar combinations for dancers.

Pilates Ring is another tool that adds repertoire and can be specialised for dancers.

This original way of teaching and setting was created  by Joseph Pilates in his first studio in N. York. Professional dancers, athletes, and acrobats, worked alongside with people who are injured or inexperienced in movement. The result is a stimulating environment that maintains individual teaching values. We carry on with this unique and highly efficient way of teaching.

The ultimate teaching qualification:

Requires sharp observation skills, readiness in instructing, sensitivity, creativity, clarity.

A great opportunity to put everything you learned in a context and leave your own stamp.