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P.E.A.R. Barrels Teacher Training

P.E.A.R. Barrels Teacher Training

Taught by P.E.A.R. Teacher Training Team

Course Overview

Barrels Teacher Training is divided into 2 seminars: Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector/Small Barrel (Arc). Ladder Barrel is taught over 5 hours on a Sunday, and Spine Corrector/Small Barrel (Arc) is taught over a weekend (9 hours).

Ladder Barrel

This 1-day workshop is intense. It offers great support of the spine along with mobility. It helps to understand and practice the Reformer. It adds a small but valued repertoire.

Duration 5 hours on a Sunday

Cost £250

Spine Corrector/Small Barrel (Arc)

This 2-day workshop on the arc and spine corrector aids depth in our understanding of the use of the spine in the Pilates technique. It's one of the foundation courses and a very important part of training to become an accomplished teacher.

Duration 9 hours over 1 weekend

Cost £400

Bookings are suspended due to COVID-19.

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