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our Pilates teacher training courses

P.E.A.R. Wunda Chair Teacher Training

J. Pilates designed this chair for a friend's house, having in mind the limitations of space. It is a rather wonderful piece which justifies its name. The repertoire is extended and its efficiency unparalleled. It provides sound body work with staccato movements. Strength and balance are the highlights. It requires advanced technique.


P.E.A.R. Cadillac Teacher Training

J. Pilates designed the many features of the Cadillac in hospital beds. This is the most used Pilates equipment for rehabilitation. No matter what the physical ability or condition of the client is, the Cadillac is designed to give the body the support, isolation, and safety required. Clients/patients can work around an injured part of the body. Rehabilitating an injury while exercising the rest of the body.


P.E.A.R. Reformer Teacher Training

J. Pilates designed the Reformer in his New York studio in the '60s, mainly aimed at dancers. The repertoire is rich, flowing and graceful so no wonder this is the most popular piece of equipment.

The Reformer training is an important part of teacher training. The leg alignment it teaches us is unparalleled. It's an important rehabilitation tool for hips, low back and it enhances greatly the core stability.

Deep strength, agility, balance, advanced technique, and complex dynamics are some of the highlights.


Level 3 Certification

The standard sits at Level 3 in the National Qualifications Framework.
It sets the minimum requirements in terms of skills and knowledge that a teacher should have to teach Pilates matwork.
We are currently working for the approval and establishment of our P.E.A.R. Level 3 Pilates training.


P.E.A.R. Foundation/Bridging Course

J. Pilates told us that all equipment leads to the Advanced Mat work. The Basic Pilates Mat is the foundation of the Pilates method. We learn to apply and analyse the Pilates Principles: Alignment, Precision, Breathing, Centering, Focus, Flow, and Control.


P.E.A.R. Certified Teacher's Training

A 2-year study of the Pilates Method with a total of 1000 hours of lectures, seminars, self practice, observation, and supervised teaching. Learn the technique in-depth, and great detail from experienced and established professionals, and become a teacher of the highest standards. Opportunities for employment in London UK, Portugal EU, and Arlington Virginia US through our network.


P.E.A.R. Balls and Wobble Boards Teacher Training

These are not original Pilates apparatus. They have been added later by practitioners and teachers. They help neuromuscular fascilitation and therefore we consider them part of our basic, foundational training.


P.E.A.R. Barrels Teacher Training

Rumour has it that J. Pilates got his inspiration to design these from beer barrels. These three pieces of equipment are valuable tools in the art of Pilates.


P.E.A.R. Studio Master Teacher Training

Studio sessions are the original way of teaching and setting created by Joseph Pilates in his first studio in New York. Professional dancers, athletes, and acrobats, worked alongside with people who are injured or inexperienced in movement. The result is a stimulating environment that maintains individual teaching values. We carry on with this unique and highly efficient way of teaching.


Studio Practice for Teachers

Interactive sessions for teachers of all levels and stages of their training.

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